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The world of soccer is becoming more and more complex. And as a result, it can be difficult for players to navigate their way through it. This is why a team of enthusiasts has created Football Marketing, a consulting agency specialized in accompanying the player throughout his career.




Player tracking

We build a relationship of trust and closeness with the player, accompany him on a daily basis on a sporting and human level, and assist him in all the key moments of his career in order to maximize his chances of success.



Mental Coaching

Because the mind is as important as the body in the success of a high level athlete, our mental coach helps the player to apprehend the great challenges as well as the obstacles of everyday life. He assists him in his stress and conflict management as well as on the relational level…



Prospecting / Negotiation

Specialists in canvassing and negotiation, we ensure the promotion of the player and the valorization of his performances with our contacts who operate in French and foreign clubs, and assist him in the negotiation of contracts with his future club and its sponsors.


Legal department

Our legal department provides the player with its expertise and advice on labor law, contract law and image law, both in France and internationally.


Physical preparer

Our trainer will develop a personalized training program to optimize the player’s physical condition. He also diagnoses possible injuries and sets up the appropriate treatment protocol.




Our sports nutritionist and naturopathic doctor makes players aware of their diet and lifestyle in order to improve their health and optimize their performance.



Community manager

Our community manager elaborates with the player a communication strategy on social networks and optimizes the publications in order to benefit from a maximum audience, to gain proximity with the supporters, and to promote its image with the sponsors.


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