Our Team – 2020-2021

Our team is composed of independent partners who are all passionate about football. Specialists in consulting and driven by the desire to succeed, we will be at your side to climb the ladder of professional soccer.
We present here the core of the Football Marketing agency. They are also accompanied by numerous collaborators who are already working in the field.


Our Team

Head Coach: Laurent RĂ©

Founder of Football Marketing
-Registered intermediary with the Belgian federation URBSFA Number INTERMED-BELG-00099
– Coaching of professional and amateur players in Belgium, Egypt, Luxembourg, Switzerland etc.

Mental Coach: Michel Tubeuf

Mental Coach
– NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certification
– Training: Canadian academy
– 15 years of experience in high level sports: Football, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Golf.
– Coached coaches (Ligue 2, National), players (Ligue 2, National, CFA, CFA2).
Intervention in professional clubs of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2.


Nutritionist : Gladys Dibling

Sports nutritionist – Naturopath.
– Bachelor in Nutrition and Adapted Sports Nutrition.
– Diploma of Naturopathy certified FENA
– Taking care of athletes of all levels and all disciplines.
– Face to face and distance consultation, in France and abroad.

FFF Agent : Jean-Paul Lecocq

FFF agent
Independent partner for France.

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